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Search by Name, Date, and/or Instrument Type
Name: Type: Compressed  Partial
ie: Lastname Firstname (no commas)  
Instrument Type: Instrument Types. Leave blank for all instrument types, or enter a specific instrument type, or enter multiple instrument types separated by commas, or select instrument types from the drop-down list.
ie: BS,DEED,MTG (bill of sale,deed, mortgage)  
Instrument Select:
Begin Date: Calendar Enter date as MM/DD/YYYY or choose date from calendar or leave blank for all available matching records.
ie: 01/01/2006 (January 1, 2006)  
End Date: Calendar  
ie: 01/31/2006 (January 31, 2006)  
Search by Official Records Book and Page
Book: Page:  
ie: 00101 for Book 101 (5 char) ie: 121 for Page 121 (1-4 numeric)  
Search by Official Records Instrument Number
Instrument Number:  
ie: 2005123456 (10 numeric) (4 digit year + 6 digit seq number)  


Search Instructions
  You can search by Name, Instrument Type, Date Range, Florida State Instrument Number or Official Records Book and Page.
Name For best results when searching for a person, please enter the last name and at least part of the first name. You can enter a partial name (e.g. SM as a partial for SMITH), then page through the list of names by clicking the numbered HYPERLINK on the results page to find the record of interest. This search can be used in conjunction with Date Range and Instrument Type searches.
Date Range Dates must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. For best results, use the calendar icon (Calendar) to the right of the input field. If no begin date is entered, the default is 01/03/1978, the beginning of the County computerized records. If no end date is entered, the default is today's date. This search can be used in conjunction with Name and Instrument Type searches.
Instrument Type Instrument Types - Three to seven character code for the instrument type. (e.g. DEED) The default is all instrument types, as indicated by a blank. This search can be used in conjunction with Name and Date Range searches.
Book and Page Returns information related to a specific Official Records document matching the entered book and page values. Both the book and page are required for this search.
Instrument Number State of Florida standardized Instrument Number. This search will yield identical results to an Official Records Book and Page search. The Instrument Number begins with a four digit year followed by a six digit sequence number. For example, the first Official Record of year 2005 would have an instrument number of 2005000001. A 10 digit number is required for this search.