Fort De Soto Park
3500 Pinellas Bayway, South
Tierra Verde, Fl, 33715

Questions Concerning Reservations

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

  • There is a $5 modification fee for any cancellations, change site, or rescheduling of reservations.
  • Cancellations, changes, rescheduling, or early departures require 48 hrs. minimum advance notice or will be subject to forfeiting the cost of one night’s stay + $5 modification fee.
  • To cancel a reservation and receive a refund you can use the email link on this website under "Contact Us” or by calling (727) 582-2267

How do I find a vacancy for a lengthy stay (14 nights)? When I look on-line all of the spots seemed to be reserved?

If you are planning a stay longer that three nights and there appears to be no vacancy try breaking your date search into smaller increments. This often produces results that longer search criteria might not be able to locate.

Can I be put on a waiting list for a campsite if I do not see anything online?

We do not have a waiting list. However, you may want to check our web site from time to time at, as cancellations sometimes occur and would then be available on-line. We also have hold-back sites; they vary with pet and pull through sites and are sold on Fridays online, we have approximately 10% of the sites available at that time.

What is a hold-back site?

Ninety percent of our sites can be reserved in advance. Ten percent of our sites (approximately 25 sites) cannot be reserved in advance and are affectionately known as hold-back sites. Hold-back sites are for customers without reservations and become available electronically every Friday morning at 7 a.m. for that Friday and the following six days. These sites are only available through the use of our online reservation system at

If I make a reservation for camping at Fort Desoto Park may I change date or campsite?

You are allowed to modify your reservation one time and one time only depending on availability.

I have a 15’ trailer. Am I allowed to camp in Area 1?

Yes. Trailers under 16’ are permitted to camp in Area 1.

Is a Hybrid 21ft trailer considered the same as a popup for renting in AREA 1?

No. A hybrid trailer is exactly that, a trailer, and it is prohibited in Area 1.

How many tents can we have on our site?

Generally, you may have one tent per campsite. However, you may also have on small ‘pup tent” for children.

Do you accept the Golden Age Passport? Are there any discounts offered for senior citizens, military veterans, disabled persons or Florida residents?

No discounts are offered.

Questions Concerning Campground Operations

What is the check-out time and must I check out at the office?

Check out time is 11:00a.m. There is no procedure for checking out other than timeliness. Just wave as you drive by the office.

Is there such a thing as a late check out?

No, if you would like stay beyond checkout time on the scheduled day of your departure, you must pay for an extra night.

What is your policy concerning campfires?

You are permitted to have campfires as long as they are in a container such as, a portable fireplace, galvanized tub or an old barbecue grill. Ground fires are prohibited.

Does your campground have accommodations for persons with special needs?

Restroom # 1 in Area One, restroom # 5 in Area Two, and restroom # 6 in Area Three accommodate individuals with special needs.

What are the rules concerning pets?

Pets are welcome in Area Two (sites 86-164), but are prohibited in the other areas of the campground. Pet is defined as a dog, cat or any other fur-bearing animal. Only two pets are allowed per site and proof of rabies vaccination is required upon check-in. Pets must be confined, leashed or otherwise under the physical control of a person at all times. Additionally, Pets must be well-behaved at all times. A pet that is noisy or disturbing to other people will not be allowed to remain in the campground.

Where can I park my boat while I am camping?

We have a number of waterfront sites on the seawall in Area Three, sites # 166 – 195, and boat may be pulled up directly behind the site for very convenient access. Flat boats and other shallow draft vessels may be moored off the western side of Area One and Three. If there is room on your site you may leave your boat and trailer there or park them across the street from the office in our overflow parking area.

How many vehicles may I park on my campsite?

There is a limit of two (2) vehicles allowed on the campsites at any given time. Additional vehicles may be parked across the street in our overflow parking area.

Do you allow swimming in the water surrounding the campground?

No, the water surrounding the campground is Mullet Key Bayou. You may fish, canoe, and kayak, but you may not swim. You may swim from the beaches on Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, located further south in the park.

Are we permitted to drive golf carts, scooters, or ATVs in the Campground?

You may drive golf carts and electric scooters in the campground only. You may not drive them elsewhere in the park, unless you have a handicapped sticker. All other unlicensed motorized vehicles are prohibited.